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        Physiotherapy and Vojta Therapy                          Dr. Jose M. Sanz Mengibar


  • International PhD - Doctorate in Physiotherapy.  
  • Vojta Therapist by the International Vojta Association 
  • Official Master Degree in neurological disorders
  • Postgraduate Specialist course in paediatrics
  • Bobath Foundation Course
  • Training and Research in Gait Analysis Lab Kinderzentrum Munich
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy in paediatrics and adults with neurological disorders
  • Dry needling in spasticity
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Myofascial Release
  • Marte Meo Practitioner


        I am a Doctor in physiotherapy and my work combines clinical practice with academic research. I have specialised in children and adults with neurological disorders, although I have worked with the general public and athletes, aided by my own experience as an elite-level gymnast. My approach to musculoskeletal / orthopaedic conditions is also grounded in the underlying CNS postural disfunction. My training focuses on neurological physiotherapy and my research explores ontogenetic postural development, motor neuroscience, postural control, and from limited to high motor function. I am committed to transmitting my practice and research via writing and teaching. I have lead-authored six academic articles, authored another six, and seven popular books. I have lectured in courses and congresses in Germany, Italy, and Spain. I am fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and intermediate in German. 


          Jose has wide experience treating children and adults with neurological disorders such as:


 ➢ Central motor disorders such as cerebral palsy.

➢ Peripheral or secondary motor palsies: Neural tube defects, Obstetric brachial plexus palsy (OBPP).

➢ Genetic conditions

➢ Neuromuscular disorders

➢ Various myopathies

➢ Breathing, sucking, swallowing and chewing problems.

➢ Multiple sclerosis

➢ Stroke

➢ Spinal cord injuries 


Musculoskeletal conditions:


 ➢ Orthopaedic-postural problems.

➢ Back-spine postural disorders – misalignments (scoliosis), pain and functional limitations.

➢ Joint misalignment including Congenital Hip Dysplasia, hip subluxation, hip luxation.

➢ Postural asymmetries (torticollis, scoliosis, plagiokephaly)

➢ Deformities and range of motion restrictions

➢ Sport related injuries.


             Jose’s sport background is competition Artistic Gymnastics, grading his experience from motor disability to high-level competition at any age.


             He speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian, and can also provide therapy in German language. 



Scientific Publications


2022. Hurtado-Avilés J, Santonja-Medina F, León-Muñoz VJ, et al. Validity and Absolute Reliability of the Cobb Angle in Idiopathic Scoliosis with TraumaMeter Software. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(8):4655. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph19084655

2022. Santonja-Medina CS, Marrades-Caballero E, Santonja-Medina F, Sanz-Mengibar JM. Neurologic Music Therapy Improves Participation in Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy. Front. Neurol. 2022; 13: 795533. 

2021. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Menendez Pardinas M, Santonja-Medina F. Is the implementation of Vojta Therapy associated with faster gross motor development in children with cerebral palsy. Ideggyógyászati Szemle = Clinical Neuroscience 74(9–10):329–336. 

2021. Hurtado-Aviles J, Roca-González J, Sergeevich Kurochka K, Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F.Developing of a Mathematical Model to Perform Measurements of Axial Vertebral Rotation on Computer-Aided and Automated Diagnosis Systems, Using Raimondi’s Method. Radiology Research and Practice 2021(6):1-9.

2019. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F. Role of positioning between trunk and pelvis in locomotor function of ambulant children with and without cerebral palsy. Ideggyógyászati Szemle = Clinical Neuroscience; 72(9–10):343–351. 

2019. Marrades-Caballero E, Santonja-Medina C, Sanz Mengibar J, Santonja-Medina F. Neurologic music therapy in upper-limb rehabilitation in children with severe bilateral cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial. European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine 54(6):866–872.

2018. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Sainz-de-Baranda P, Santonja-Medina F. Training intensity and sagittal curvature of the spine in male and female artistic gymnasts. Journal of Sports Medicine Physical Fitness 58(4): 465–471.

2017. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Altschuck N, Sanchez-de-Muniain P, Bauer C, Santonja-Medina F. Position between trunk and pelvis during gait depending on the gross motor function classification system. Pediatric Physical Therapy 29(2): 130–137.

2017. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F. Correlation between sagittal spinal curves and gross motor function in children with typical development and with spastic bilateral cerebral palsy. Pilot study. Archives of Paediatric Developmental Pathology 1(2): 1009.

2016. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F, Sanchez-de-Muniain P, Canteras-Jordana M. Can clinical assessment of locomotive body function explain gross motor environmental performance in cerebral palsy? Journal of Child Neurology 31(4): 474–480.

2013. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F. Inter and Intrareliability and correlation of the classification system for children with cerebral palsy: GMFCS and Locomotor Stages according to Dr Vojta [in Spanish]. In AM Pérez Gorricho (ed.), Terapia Vojta en los diferentes estadios de desarrollo motor y postural del ser humano (III Jornada Internacional de Terapia Vojta en España), 66–74. Din Impresores: Madrid. ISBN-10: 84-695-8682-3

2012. Perales López L, Sanz-Mengibar JM et al. Ontogenesis and reflexlocomotion therapy according to Vojta as approach for hand therapy. A case study [in Spanish]. Fisioterapia y calidad de vida 15(3): 30–35.  



Conference Lectures, Communications and Teaching


2018. “Improvements in participation time during music therapy intervention of children with severe cerebral palsy”. [Incremento del tiempo de actuación en rehabilitación en parálisis cerebral severa mediante musicoterapia]. IV International congress of art and health.   

2018. “GMFCS, Locomotion Stages and gait in children with cerebral palsy and spine movement”. Course for rehabilitation medical doctors in paediatric disability. Universidad Complutense.

2007-now. Lecturer in Vojta therapy courses in Spain and Germany under international standard by the International Vojta Association.

2013. “Reliability and Correlation between GMFCS and Locomotion Stages according to Dr. Vojta”. III International Vojta Therapy Congress, Madrid.

2010. “Introduction to Vojta therapy” Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. Association of Paediatric Character Physiotherapist.

2010. “Cerebral Palsy” and “Reflex Locomotion Therapy”. MSc in Psychodiagnostic and early intervention. Spanish Down Syndrome Assotiation, Madrid.

2007. “Introduction to the postural ontogenesis in the newborn's first year according to Dr. Vojta” and “Introduction to the therapy of reflex locomotion”. Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Physiotherapy ESEHA Pestalozzi, Rio di Janeiro, Brazil.  



Popular Books [In Spanish]


2008. Fifty Exercises for your baby. Libsa (ed.) ISBN 978-84-662-1725-5

2008. Fifty questions about parents and babies. Libsa (ed.) ISBN 978-84-662-1727-9

2008. Fifty advices about baby crying. Libsa (ed.)  ISBN 978-84-662-1726-2

2008. Baby massage, exercises and stimulation. Libsa (ed.)  ISBN 978-84-662-1529-9

2006. Therapeutic exercises. Libsa (ed.)  ISBN 84-662-1304-X

2006. Therapeutic massage. Libsa (ed.) ISBN 84-662-1245-0

2005. Massage guide. Libsa (ed.) ISBN 84-662-1246-9.



Scientific Posters


2017. “Validation of the Locomotor Stages according to Dr. Vojta”. Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F, Sanchez-de-Muniain P, Canteras-Jordana M. Vojta therapy Congress: past and future. Cologne, Germany.

2018. “Improvements of active shoulder flexion during music therapy intervention of children with severe cerebral palsy“ [Incremento del rango de movimiento de la flexión activa del hombro en jóvenes con parálisis cerebral bilateral severa mediante musicoterapia con instrumentos musicales”. IV International congress of art and health.  



Other Skills


Elite-level gymnast until age 20 and training as Artistic Gymnastics coach in 1998 by the Royal Spanish Gymnastic Federation.

Currently exploring movement and rhythm thought flamenco dancing.

HCPC Physiotherapist: PH 100876

Therapy is available in English, Spanish, Italian and German. 

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