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Official Providers and Useful links:

Internation Vojta Association: www.vojta.com

Spanish Vojta Association: www.vojta.es

Italian Vojta Centre: www.centrovojta.it

Children Rehabilitation Clinic Madrid: www.rehabilitacioninfantil.com

Vojta Therapy in Czech Republicwww.rl-corpus.cz

Balance Performance Physiotherapywww.balancephysio.com

Therapy is available in English, Spanish, Italian and German. 



“I am so grateful for Jose’s support over the years. His understanding and application of Vojta therapy is outstanding, and I can see the advantages of long-term daily therapy for the wellbeing of my daughter. Besides therapy I also appreciate Jose’s gentle input on behaviour but also skilfully managing everyone’s emotions in therapy - it’s a bit of a minefield and without it I probably would have quit long time ago. And finally, where Jose stands out is his commitment to his work and the children he cares for. I have been seeing physio long enough to understand this is far from common, Jose goes far above and beyond of what is expected of him”.


“Without Jose’s therapy, input and expertise, my daughter would not have the mobility she has today. Jose has guided us as a family in the best interest for our daughter. My daughter has been seeing Jose for over 14 years and we would not trust anyone else regarding our daughter’s therapy and well-being. He’s empathy towards us as a family is beyond amazing”.


“Jose is excellent physiotherapist, very positive and calm. Encouraging people to do what they must do. We've been to other therapists who were very negative and put great pressure about Vojta and overall”.


“I would recommend Jose without hesitation”.


“Jose helped us a lot. Great approach to the child, super friendly and I find Jose the best therapist so far”.


“We are very thankful to have met Jose. He is a kind person, empathetic with his patients. Thanks to him we have so many improvements.  We thank him for his patience and involvement”.


“Jose has an uncanny ability to understand how one's body works (or does not) and knows how to motivate you to go through the (occasionally painful) steps required to sort out the injury related issues that life brings.  He is also a lovely chap, who builds a very deep sense of trust”.


“Jose is a very knowledgeable professional and very patient with children. He is always finding the way to engage the children in the therapy”.

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